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Check out this online review of a session provided by Rachel Rettman for another fitness inustry professional


The best reviews come from those with lots of experience in the given area; in this case, getting a rave review from another fitness instructor is top notch!  To be able to help someone who knows what she is doing to get out of her comfort zone, try something new, and then receive great feedback is invaluable.  While we all love positive client feedback, and that NEVER gets old or tiresome, raves from other like-minded professionals lend an aspect of additional credibility.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback, Judy Kuan.

Check out both Rachel Rettman and Judy Kuan on Wello.com!

Collaborative Consumption – A workout trend!

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Check out the following article on Collaborative Consumption, written by Jeremiah Owyang; not only did I do all of the research on all 200 companies, but also I am a member of a couple of the collaborative consumption sites!  Taskrabbit, an online task network, offers skilled and unskilled labor on demand; Wello offers online personal training!  In fact, I will be teaching a Wello session this afternoon!

Keep an eye out for online Pilates/fitness classes from Rachel Rettman – Fitness. Nutrition. Lifestyle.  The fun is just beginning!



The Master List of the Collaborative Economy: Rent and Trade Everything

Posted on February 24th, 2013 in: Collaborative Economy, Industry Index

A Research Focus: Collaborative Economy
My next Open Research report  (see body of work) will be on the Rise of the Collaboration Economy.  If you’d like to be interviewed for this upcoming report, please fill out this submission form.   In my career as an analyst, I often list out all the players in a category, announce a formal research effort, then publish a series of analysis, this is part of my continuing methodology.  I’ll also be presenting my findings as a speaker at LeWeb, whose theme “Digital Hippies” is directly themed on this trend.  Thanks to friend Loic Lemeur for triggering this idea.


[Collaborative Economy Defined:  A digital system that manages the coordination of buyers and sellers who offer and exchange used products and remnant services]

The Three Categories of Collaborative Economy Markets
Within this market, there are multiple use cases, right now, we see the following three categories:

Market Type Description Examples
First Collaborative Market Manufactures and business owners that are now offering products for rent or barter BMW and Toyota have made motions to offer cars from their lot for rent –beyond selling them.
Second Collaborative Market Often denoted as the “Used or Second Hand” market a consumer may offer to rent or lease of used products or remnant services. Lyft allows for any consumer to act like a taxi, and pick up members of the service.  Craigslist and eBay (disclosure: client) empowers the selling of used products, worldwide
Third Collaborative Market Barter, gifting, or non-currancy exchanges of used products or remnant services. Toyswap allows parents to exchange toys with other parents, rather than purchase products that their kids will outgrow. Giftflow encourages users to ask for what they need, then to help others in the future, paying it forward

Market Rises: Media Attention, Over $2billion in Funding
There’s been remarkable media attention on this topic as vendors like AirBnB, Lyft, Uber, and TaskRabbit have gained the attention of the media.  Even battles against this category have emerged in San Francisco, as well as in Amsterdam on unofficial places of rent.  We don’t foresee this space to go down, as cursory analysis indicates that there’s been a whopping $2billion in venture funding into this category, out of a sample of 200 startups.  A spin out from the consumer social networking category,  this movement will have significant runway before true winners are decided.

Disruptions to CPG, Retail, Service Industry Government
Also, there are extensive disruptions to companies who create products or services.   If this trend continues at the speed of current trajectory, it can force retail and product based companies to acquire startups in this space, or offer products in their own stores for lease or barter.  Furthermore, governments are displaced if the barter economy rises, and tax revenues are diminished as people share products –with no money exchanged.  Lastly, we’re seeing new forms of untraditional currency emerging, including peer to peer BitCoin which is not backed by any federal reserve note, nor precious metal –it’s backed by processing power.

How You Can Get Involved with this Research

  1. Submit a startup in the comments below
  2. Request to be interviewed for this upcoming Open Research report in this web form.
  3. Share this post with others.

List of 200 Companies in the Collaborative Economy
Using the spirit of this space, I contacted a TaskRabbit (thanks Rachel) to conduct significant research, over 22.5 hours to aggregate a list of startups in this space, from a variety of sources.   This database will be the primary source of a sample which I’ll use to parse out trends and data types for this upcoming report.

  • Personal Services
    • Rent a Friend Rent a friend for family events, social, business, workout, companionship
    • Hire A Boston Wingwoman Your WingWoman will put YOU in the spotlight (help you meet women in a social scene).
    • Airtime The platform for great video conversation
  • Miscellaneous Services
    • Nanny in the Clouds Changing the way young families fly by connecting them with an in-flight nanny
    • Wello Bye Bye Gym, Hello Convenience
    • GetMaid Instant booking, effortless payments, and exceptional home cleaning at your door within two hours.
  • Car sharing
    • Uber Everyone’s Private Driver
    • Zipcar Wheels when you want them
    • Sidecar Connects people with space in their car to those who need a ride
    • Lyft Your Friend with a Car
    • GoGet Get going fast. Never look back.
    • WhizzCar Wheels on Demand (Singapore)
    • Autoshare Keys to Wonderful (Toronto)
    • Stattauto CarSharing – Munich Germany
    • CarSharing CarSharing Austria (operated by Zipcar)
    • Zazcar Car Share Brazil
    • City Car Club Book, jump in, drive away…
    • Cambiocar CarSharing
    • Autolibre Car Share – very small cars, maybe electric with battery packs and stations around France to recharge. No English translation
  • Car sharing (from big automobile manufactures)
    • BMW Drive NOW Premium Car Sharing by BMW i, Mini, and Sixt
    • Volkswagen Quicar Car Share by VW (Hanover)
    • Peugeot Mu Mobiliy Services Rentals
    • Daimler Car2Go Sponteneity on Wheels
  • Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing
  • Bike sharing
  • Ride sharing
    • Zimride Grab a Seat. Save money and meet people heading your way.
    • Nuride Get rewards for greener trips
    • Liftshare Travel Together UK
    • Jayride Travel A to B with Jayride – UK/Ireland, AUS, NZ
    • GoCarShare Life’s a journey…share it
    • Carpooling Join the leading Global carpooling network!
    • Caronetas Smart Rides – Brazil
    • DuckSeat Ridesharing for Events
    • Avego Welcome to Avego, your ride sharing network
    • Amovens Find ridesharing partners
    • Tickengo Click to get a ride
  • Solar Power
  • Toy Rental
  • Textbook Rental
  • Art Rental
    • Art.sy Learn about and collect the worlds greatest art
    • Artsicle What’s Your Art Style?
    • TurningArt Art that speaks for you
  • Fashion Renta
    • Bag Borrow or Steal Heart-Stopping Style http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/
    • Fashionhire Why Buy When You Can Hire http://www.fashionhire.co.uk/
    • Shopittome Your favorite brands. Yours sizes. 40-70% off. http://www.shopittome.com/
    • Love Me and Leave Me Rent or buy designer fashion http://www.lovemeandleaveme.com/
    • Rent The Runway Like Netflix, but with fantastic dresses and accessories http://www.renttherunway.com/
    • The Outnet The most fashionable fashion outlet http://www.theoutnet.com/
  • Movies
    • Netflix Watch TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere www.netflix.com
    • Quickflix Smart Movies http://www.quickflix.com.au/
    • LoveFilm Out of thie world films http://www.lovefilm.com/
  • General Online Rental
    • Getable Equipment rental from your mobile phone http://construction.getable.com/
    • AnyHire Your hire and rental marketplace http://anyhire.com/
    • Toolspinner Find tools in your area http://www.toolspinner.com/
    • Snapgoods Want it. Get it. Give it back. http://snapgoods.com/
  • Peer-to-Peer Rental
    • Zilok Zilok – Rent anything, On-line! Rentals from Businesses and Individuals. http://us.zilok.com/
    • Neighborgoods Save money and resources by sharing stuff with your friends http://neighborgoods.net/
    • Rentoid The place to rent anything http://www.rentoid.com/
    • Ecomodo The marketplace of good returns www.ecomodo.com
    • HireThings Hire in what you need, hire out what you have http://www.hirethings.co.nz/
    • Rentalic Rent anything anywhere (site under construction for another month) http://rentalic.com/
    • RentStuff A RentalCompare Company http://www.rentstuff.com/
    • Open Shed Why buy when you can share? http://www.openshed.com.au/
  • Neighborhood Rental/Share/Market
    • Share Some Sugar Why buy when you can borrow? http://www.sharesomesugar.com/
    • Neigh*borrow Things people need to use but don’t need to own http://beta.neighborrow.com/
    • The Sharehood Meet your neighbors, share with them… http://thesharehood.org/
    • Frents Collect and share http://www.frents.com/
    • Friends With Things Connect with your neighbors. Borrow things from them or share things with them. Share skills, expertise, local knowledge and more. It’s free. http://friendswiththings.com.au/
    • Hey Neighbor! Create your neighbor network! http://heyneighbor.com/pages/home
    • Toolzdo Connect with neighbors. Life gets easier. http://www.toolzdo.com/
    • Streetbank Sharing in your neighborhood http://www.streetbank.com/splash
    • Garage Sale Trail Find sales via your phone http://www.garagesaletrail.com.au/
  • Unique Eperiences
    • Gidsy Find Unique things to do https://gidsy.com/
    • Vayable Book an experience when you travel http://www.vayable.com/
    • Sidetour Challenge the Ordinary www.sidetour.com
  • Peer-to-Peer Travel
    • Airbnb Find a Place to Stay https://www.airbnb.com/
    • Globetrooper Globetrooper helps you find travel partners http://globetrooper.com/
    • Zozi Explore the Zozi Lifestyle… zozi.com
    • Roomorama Quality accomodations for the discerning traveler https://roomorama.com/
    • One Fine Stay Live like a local http://www.onefinestay.com/
    • Bed and Fed …Be our guest! http://www.bedandfed.co.uk/
    • 9Flats The alternative to hotels http://www.9flats.com/
  • Errand/Task Networks (general and professional)
    • RedBeacon Trusted Pros for a Better Home http://www.redbeacon.com/
    • Expert Bids Submit your bids. Get proposals and reviews. Save time and money. http://www.ExpertBids.com/
    • Crowdflower “The World’s Largest Workforce – large, data-heavy projects broken into small tasks, distributed to < 1.5 million on-demand global contributors” http://crowdflower.com/
    • Taskrabbit Outsource Errands or Tasks at the Touch of a Button http://taskrabbit.com
    • Zaarly Life is short. Do what you love. https://zaarly.com/
    • Airrun It’s everyone’s personal assistant. http://airrun.com/
    • Mytaskangel An online marketplace where people connect to get everyday tasks done in their local communities http://mytaskangel.co.uk/
    • Gigwalk Gigwalk connects businesses with the best people to get work done anywhere http://gigwalk.com/
    • Airtasker Find people to help you around the home and office. https://www.airtasker.com/
  • Social Food Networks
    • Gobble Personalized Dinners Delivered https://www.gobble.com/
    • Grubwithus Never eat alone on Grubwithus https://www.grubwithus.com/listings
    • Eatwithme Food. Photos. Writing. http://www.eatwithme.com/
    • Wok+Wine Wok+Wine is the world’s most effective serendipity machine http://woknwine.com/
  • Storage Networks
    • Storpod Your storage search begins here http://storpod.com/
    • Spaceout Your one-stop place for space http://www.spaceout.com.au/
    • Sharemystorage Find a place to store http://www.sharemystorage.com/
  • Parking Spots
    • Parkatmyhouse Smarter Parking https://www.parkatmyhouse.com/
    • Parkcirca Take your parking space with you http://www.parkcirca.com/
    • Park on my Drive Find a parking space http://parkonmydrive.com
  • Shared Studios/Workshops/Workspaces
    • 3rd Space Studios 3rd Space Studios benefit from large spaces and studio members with a range of disciplines http://www.nottinghamvisualarts.net/directory/3rd-space
    • Techshop Build your dreams here http://www.techshop.ws
    • Newworkcity Working for yourself doesn’t have to mean working by yourself. http://nwc.co/
    • Studiomates STUDIOMATES is a collaborative workspace of designers, illustrators, bloggers, writers, and developers. http://studiomates.com/
    • Bees Office Work alongside amazing people! http://www.beesoffice.com/
    • Coloft LAs startup hub http://www.coloft.com/
    • Desksnearme Need a space to work? http://desksnear.me/
    • Deskwanted Find your ideal working community https://www.deskwanted.com/
    • Opendesks OpenDesks helps you find, share, and manage places to meet and work http://www.opendesks.com/
    • Desksurfing Coworking spaces around the world http://www.desksurfing.net/
  • Social Lending
    • Zopa Get a loan today http://uk.zopa.com/
    • Prosper We connect people who want to borrow money with people who want to invest money http://www.prosper.com/
    • Lending Club Investors earn better returns, borrowers pay lower rates http://www.lendingclub.com/home.action
    • Enterprise Den The marketplace for success http://www.enterpriseden.com/
    • Qifang P2P Lending for Chinese Student Loans qifang.cn
  • Social Currencies
    • Ven It’s time for a new kind of money http://vencurrency.com/
    • The Liquidity Network Developing a complementary currency for Ireland http://theliquiditynetwork.org/
    • Timebanks Building equality and caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent http://timebanks.org/
    • Letsystems Local exchange trading system http://www.gmlets.u-net.com/
  • Taxi Sharing
    • Taxi2 Share. Get there. http://www.taxi.to/
    • Taxistop More with less… http://www.taxistop.be/4index.html
    • Weeels More riding, less driving, no parking http://weeels.com/
  • Bartering
    • Ourgoods A barter network for the creative community https://ourgoods.org/
    • Itex Connect. Trade. Save. http://www.itex.com/
    • Bartercard The card that works for you http://www.bartercard.com.au/
    • Tourboarding How to stay and play in China for Free http://tourboarding.com/
  • Crowdfunding
    • Kickstarter Fund and follow creativitiy www.kickstarter.com
    • Startsomegood Igniting Ideas, Investment, and Impact http://startsomegood.com/
    • Pozible Crowdfunding creative projects and ideas http://www.pozible.com/
    • Crowdcube Raising business finance through online investments http://www.crowdcube.com/
    • Catarse The first crowdfunding platform from Brazil http://catarse.me/en
    • Doge Dart Registry New rules for buying your car http://www.dodgedartregistry.com/
  • Gardens
    • Urbangardenshare Urban Garden Share pairs together eager gardeners with eager gardens http://www.urbangardenshare.org/
    • Landshare Connecting growers to people with land to share http://www.landshare.net
    • Yardshare Front yard, side yard, & backyard landscaping ideas & garden design pictures shared by homeowners and landscape contractors. http://www.yardshare.com/
    • Servicevines Cherry pick the best landscapers from your back yard servicevines.com
  • Skill Sharing
    • Brooklyn Skill Share Community-based, community-led, & community-building learning events organized and taught by Brooklyn residents http://brooklynskillshare.org/
    • Skillshare Learn differently http://www.skillshare.com/
    • Tradeschool Helps people find a trade school http://www.tradeschool.com
    • Weteachme Be interesting https://weteachme.com/
    • Floqq What do you want to learn? http://www.floqq.com/
    • Optini Social Discovery platforms optini.com
  • Big Marketplaces
    • Craigslist Online bulletin board http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites/
    • Gumtree UK’s #1 Classifieds site http://www.gumtree.com/
  • Free/Gift Exchanges
    • Freecycle Changing the world one gift at a time http://www.freecycle.org/
    • Giftflow Give what you can. Ask for what you need. Pay it forward. http://giftflow.org/
    • Ziilch Where good stuff goes free http://ziilch.com/
    • Exchango Welcome to the freeconomy! http://exchango.com/
    • Freally An online community that help you save money and environment. http://www.freally.com/
  • Used Electronics
    • Gazelle Sell you phone, iPad or Mac http://www.gazelle.com/
    • Ebay Instant Sale Cash in your electronics http://instantsale.ebay.com/
    • Apple Recycling Program Reuse and recycling program http://www.apple.com/recycling/
  • Swap Sites for Books/Media
    • Paperbackswap Your source for swapping and buying books online! http://www.paperbackswap.com/index.php
    • Bookmooch Give books away. Get books you want. http://bookmooch.com/
    • Swap/Netcycler Swap, buy and sell kids’ items http://valet.swap.com/
    • Swapsity Canada’s #1 Swapping Community http://www.swapsity.ca/landing
    • Swap Sites Baby Goods/Toys
    • Toyswap Swap, Buy, and Sell New and Gently Used Toys www.toyswap.com
    • Thredup Just Like a Consignment Shop – But All Online! www.thredup.com
    • Kinderado (formerly Tauschteddy) Second hand children’s clother for parents. From parents. http://www.kinderado.de/
  • Clothing Swaps
    • The Clothing Exchange Imagine a giant clothing store where everything is free… http://www.clothingexchange.com.au/
    • 99 Dresses Gain access to an infinite closet http://99dresses.com/
    • Poshmark A fun and simple way to buy and sell fashion http://poshmark.com/
    • Dig N’Swap Swap, fashionably! http://dignswap.com/
  • Pets
    • Rover Find your perfect dog sitter rover.com
    • Dogvacay Board your dog in a real home http://dogvacay.com/
  • Education/Language
    • EduFire A social learning community http://edufire.com/
    • Udemy Udemy helps students make moves www.udemy.com
    • Myngle Language lessons that come to you http://www.myngle.com/
    • Glovico A social network where people from developing countries can offer their services as language teachers http://www.glovico.org/
    • Livemocha Creating a world without barriers http://livemocha.com/

Summary and Next Steps
This trend is just getting started. Expect many traditional business models to be disrupted as these startups and large companies adopt new methods for deploying and consuming goods and services. Don’t expect more than 20% of these startups to survive as categories will expand and collapse in the traditional innovation market. I’ll keep a continued focus on this market trend over the coming future, please leave a comment with your thoughts and submissions.

The Importance of the Pilates Method for Children

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Check out the following article on learning healthy habits at an early age / Pilates for kids written by Javier Bceiso Blanco of Body Arts and Science International (BASI) in Spain (there is even a photo of him / student in action) –


It is critically important to begin instilling healthy habits at an early age. That is probably how  I would sum up everything I have learned as a teacher and as a father.

I have worked with children for 15 years, and observing their physical, mental and spiritual development has been one of the great joys of my life. For me, the Pilates method has proven itself beyond any doubt as an essential aid in the development of children into socially-integrated adults with full physical and mental skills.

It’s a fact that the brain needs to lean on the physical self as it develops a solid basis for cognitive abilities. An example is the child’s use of the fingers when learning to count.  At the same time, a healthy mind-body connection contributes to less tangible, but just as important, skills, including open-mindedness, receptiveness to people and healthy habits of discipline. These, together with a strong pedagogical environment and a healthy family environment, create those important educational values which, unfortunately, seem to be on the wane nowadays.

Pilates is just as important for healthy children as it is for those with motor issues. For the latter, it assists in balancing the imbalances caused by their injuries, improving their muscular tone and building coordination, balance, breathing, ROM (range of movement), flexibility, strength and endurance – all of which are just as important for the healthy child. And, of course, all children need to understand their own bodies and develop self-awareness, control, concentration and discipline. Pilates helps every child avoid the modern evils of a sedentary life and obesity – along with all the problems that they entail.

Physical Education and sports as currently taught at school do not cover all the physical and mental dimensions that are necessary for childhood development. And, in many cases, schools reduce the time spent on these activities is favor of more “academic” subjects. At the same time, the US National Association of Physical Education has estimated that 300,000 people die every year due to deficient physical activity and bad diet. This number exceeds the number of people who die as a result of infections, car crashes and substance abuse.

This is the background to BASI’s Pilates for Kids: Healthy Development workshop, which integrates the Pilates method as an extracurricular tool in order to complete the physical education provided in school and to instill healthy habits into young bodies and minds.

The workshop focuses less on education (or re-education) than on maintenance. Children have a natural, inborn movement instinct which automatically reinforces their musculature and, in most cases prevents them from experiencing serious injury. The objective of the workshop is to strengthen and guide this instinct; to prevent it from falling into disuse, which is what happens with most adults.

The program is adaptable to all children and all phases of development, from psycho-motor development at an early age, which enables the child to acquire balance and coordination, through the development of elastic qualities and muscular strength to the development of coordination, fine skills, aerobic capabilities and, finally, maximum muscular strength.

It is important to emphasize that Pilates practice at an early age will avoid – or reduce – potential musculo-skeletal problems in childhood or in later life, as a consequence of bad posture, lack of flexibility, inadequate muscular tone, wrong breathing and bad joint mobility.

If parents and educators were aware of the importance of instilling healthy habits from childhood, many common adult diseases could be avoided. As Dr. Valentin Fuster writes in this book The Health Science “heart attacks suffered from the age of 45 begin to develop in childhood. Between 70% and 90% of the time, they are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle acquired since childhood”.

Pilates for Kids: Healthy Development teaches Pilates professionals to both build programs for children throughout the developmental cycle and to lead them through the process of acquiring discipline and healthy habits in a fun and healthy way.

Learn more about the BASI Pilates for Kids: Healthy development workshop.


3 Simple (Healthy) Rules for Weight Loss

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The elusive struggle to lose weight continues to confound most people.  It seems like the more articles / research / self-help books on weight loss, the bigger we get.  It is an inverse relationship that does not make logical sense, yet when we look at our current lifestyle choices it makes all the sense in the world.  People think losing weight is hard…and it is in some ways.  Truthfully, though, it is easy on a physiological level and difficult from a mental and personal perspective.  Losing weight is hard because people kinda don’t wanna do it.  They sorta don’t feel like changing their eating habits.  They really like chocolate, cookies and endless pasta bowls.  They like their routines, and we all are creatures of habit.  So what is a person to do?

Instead of trying to follow a super strict eating plan, start out with guidelines that create healthier habits.  Check out this article to find out about 3 simple ways to lose weight.  In summary, you want to:

  1. Keep a food journal and record what you eat
  2. Avoid skipping meals (do NOT skip)
  3. Minimize (or eliminate) eating out, especially at lunch

See…simple!  Just write it down (creating awareness and understanding habits), eat at regular intervals (never allowing yourself to get too hungry or over-eat down the line) and prepare your own food thereby maintaining control over what is in it and how many calories you consume.

Of course calories matter, and it is still a ‘calories in, calories out’ equation such that if you consume more than you burn you will gain weight.  There is no way around that one.

The last point made in the article, and one of the most important yet, is that losing weight and keeping it off VITALLY DEPENDS on regular physical activity.  Nothing is better than an up-tempo training session, so ditch the lasagna, check out our offerings, and sign up for Pilates Bootcamp today!

Office Juice Cleanses

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When it comes to the office, there are a wealth of unhealthy habits that tend to dominate typical corporate etiquette.  From big box takeout lunches to cookie trays to your cubicle-mates consistent stream of new cupcake recipes (and let’s not forget those ever-present candy dishes, somehow unnoticed by their owner but loved by you), it is HARD to stay healthy at work!

Enter office juice cleanses, as well as other forms of office bonding that encourage healthy behavior en masse.  If we can’t beat ’em,  let’s join ’em; if we are joiners then join something positive and beneficial!  Whether it be a juice cleanse,  a veggie of the month where colleagues share recipes, or even just committing to pre- and/or post-work walks, there are infinite ways in which coworkers can support one another in the quest for health and happiness.

Summer is the best time to get started on healthy eating – with the abundance of beautiful produce, availability of healthy fish and seafood, and the general sunny weather that keeps daylight way past the end of the workday, there are no excuses to eat poorly and stay cooped up inside.  Head on down to your local Whole Foods or equivalent) or farmer’s market (click here to search for a local farmer’s market)to get your hands on great produce and more.  Explore the nuts, seeds, and nut butters to get healthy fats and copious amounts of fiber into your diet. The grocery store employees and the market vendors are always ready and willing to help you get started!

What are you waiting for!

Healthy Computer Habits

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Generally, we associate injury with movement, overexertion, and other ACTIVE endeavors.  But we can get repetitive stress injuries and other very uncomfortable problems and syndromes simply by sitting still (or relatively still) at a desk!  Improper movement patterns, over time, lead to many physical ailments such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and a lack of motion leads to muscle atrophy; weak muscles are that much more likely to end up compromised!

Whether it be a screen height issue, a mousing problem, postural issues, and more, unhealthy computer habits can doom a person while healthy habits lead to a more comfortable work day and, by extension, a happier life.

You can make simple adjustments to remedy these issues.  Read up on solutions…we can never be too educated!


Optimal Class Schedules

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One of the more challenging aspects of having your own little fitness business and being a solo-preneur is class scheduling!  There is the desire to please everyone but the need to have classes with enough people to pay the bills.

The next month or two will be spent figuring out an optimal mat and reformer class schedule to allow everyone who wants to attend classes with Rachel Rettman – Fitness. Nutrition. Lifestyle to do so.  Whether you are a current client or a potential client, please please email us and let us know when you want to have Pilates and Pilates-inspired mat and reformer classes!

To sign up for classes, book here!

All comments will be taken under advisement, with the ultimate goal of best serving YOU!

Also, anyone who loves Pilates should purchase a ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Pilates Class’ t-shirt; contact us to purchase!

Spend Your Tax Refund on Your Health!

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So you received your tax refund…now what?

Sure, there are always new pairs of shoes, new purses or that really cool necklace to be had, but the best thing to spend your tax refund on is personal enrichment in the form of health and fitness activities and classes!  No matter what, a healthy body and mind will take you far in life, and lets be honest…next season that purse will be in the back of the closet.

Take this time to invest in YOU…in your future and your well being.  Try something new, do something you already like, it does not matter; as long as it makes you happy and is healthy then you are golden!

Of course Pilates is the BEST thing to take up, but there are so many exercise programs, methods and ideas out there to explore; if you need any ideas feel free to reach out to us here!

Be happy, be healthy!

Get Great Exercise Running Stairs!

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Portland OR is home to some great urban staircases…the best of which is located in Mt. Tabor Park.  This 280-stair monstrosity is like a playground for those of us who love to feel the burn, torch calories, release a tidal wave of endorphins, and generally have fun (athletic fun).  At any time of the day there are people slowly strolling up the stairs and avid fitness enthusiasts running up and down as fast as possible without tripping.  Either way, it is both FREE and REALLY GOOD FOR YOU.

Check out this article outlining all of the exercise (and more) opportunities in Mt. Tabor Park.  Then walk, run, skip, hop, jump or bike (or drive if you live across town but love this park despite the drive) there as soon as possible to begin spring training!






Runner up Portland staircases:

  • Large staircase off of 12th Ave in Downtown, by Portland State University and into Goose Hollow.
  • Staircase off of NW Cornell (a little hard to find, off of a neighborhood street) as you head up towards Pittock Mansion.

Pixie Project Auction!

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How does an animal rescue relate to fitness and Pilates?  Well…dogs are amazing exercise partners!  Not to mention that animals make people happy and happy people are more active and generally involved in life including physical endeavors.  Thus, we here at Rachel Rettman – Fitness. Nutrition. Lifestyle. want to spread the word about the Pixie Project online auction for an authentic piece of furniture (Yin Yang table seen below) from the acclaimed movie Fight Club!  Check out the YouTube video with author (and donor) Chuck Palahniuk and Amy Sacks of Pixie Project here:

The Pixie Project is expanding in order to help 10 times as many dogs as before!  As a dog lover and avid Pixie volunteer this is personally very exciting; the idea of helping more animals is heartwarming and there will be so many more dogs to take on walks and help with leash manners!!  Yessss!!!
Please spread the word and tell people about the wonderful donation from famed author Chuck Palahniuk.  To bid on the table please click here:http://www.ebay.com/itm/290687911585

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