Inspired group classes for all fitness levels




In-Home / Office Custom Group Class Pricing:

  • $50/per person (3-5 people)
  • $40/per person (6-9 people)
  • $30/per person (10+ people)


Group Mat Pilates:







Currently updating our New York class schedule!

Mat Class Pricing:

  • TBD


Group Equipment Pilates:








The reformer is the most popular piece of Pilates equipment, and the one people envision when they think about Pilates.  The reformer is a system of pulleys, sprints, and straps that provides a total body strength workout and allows clients to work very precisely to develop proper alignment, core strength, and flexibilty.  When done in groups of up to 4 participants, training can be less expensive than private lessons and a great deal of fun!








The Pilates Chair is an versatile piece of equipment allowing for resistance through springs and a pedal.  One can do an entire repertoire of exercises on the chair, really challenging balance to create strong, sculpted abdominal and back muscles.  Beginners and advanced students alike enjoy individual and group chair training.

Friends can get together and hold a regular custom group equipment class with 3-5 people!

Group Equipment Pricing:

  • TBD


We require a minimum of 3 people to run a group equipment class or else rates revert to duet training; more information about duet training can be found under the individual training tab!



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