Integrated, values-driven corporate wellness programs that create healthier, happier, more profitable companies!


The Time to Take Action is Now

Simply put, companies who provide workplace wellness programming have healthier, more productive and efficient employees who cost less to insure.  For employers, this means significant savings on both out-of-pocket medical expenses and premiums in addition to the invaluable bottom line increase created by a more productive workforce.  For employees, realize the opportunity to feel better, work smarter, improve relationships with colleagues and attend crucial fitness and nutrition classes (which otherwise might not happen).  Wellness programs that are values-driven, creative and unique to your organization create superior work environments and provide employees with a sense of continuous appreciation for their hard work.


Email or call 415-602-4291 for an on-site wellness evaluation followed by a customized action plan proposal. 



The following represent a sample of service offerings:

‘Desk-Defying’ Core Classes

  • Hour-long (or 2 consecutive 30 minute-long) onsite core-strengthening functional fitness classes designed to reduce repetitive stress injuries and strengthen essential postural muscles.  Please inquire about different class format options, from beginning to advanced training.



  • Reduce health care costs through personalized nutrition planning for individuals or groups with similar nutrition goals.


Stationary Exercise

  • Cube & small-office friendly stationary exercises completed while seated or standing at/near a desk; unique to your office needs and available resources.


Corporate Wellness 2.0 Strategy Sessions

  • Connect your unique company values and organizational structure with wellness goals and activities that people actually want to do; it is all about ALIGNMENT and PRODUCTIVITY.


Workshops / Brown Bag Lunch Series

  • 30-60-90 minute topic-specific nutrition lectures, stress management training, behavior change skills workshops, healthy restaurant recommendations/practical application of nutrition, health and wellness Q&A.  Longer workshops also available.


Every company requires a personalized approach; therefore, pricing will be determined based on your unique product mix.  Hourly consulting can always be scheduled at a standard rate of $225/hr.

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