On-line Training and Coaching


Fitness and health coaching anywhere in the world!


Fitness Training and coaching on Your Terms

Are you interested in Pilates, personal training or want a high energy cardiovascular workout but don’t know who offers this specific form of training?  Have you been injured and, with limited mobility, need someone who bring wellness practices to you regardless of location?  Functional strength-training and endurance workouts are both highly effective and portable; these can be done in home or while traveling, anywhere you have an internet connection and can Skype/Google Hangout/Facetime, etc.  Enjoy a customized workout catered to your needs, schedule, and location.

All classes/sessions are 55 minutes.


On-line Services

  • Single session – $80/hr
  • Duet session – $50/hr per person
  • 10+ sessions – $75/hr; duet $45
  • 20+ sessions – $70/hr; duet $40
  • Small group (4-6) – $20/hr per person
  • Large group (7+) – $15/hr per person
  • Coaching sessions – $$75/hr (health, nutrition, lifestyle)



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